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   Set up Agro Horti unit on hills under water shortage at Laglood, Tq-Bhokar, Dist-Nanded  

1. Preparation of vermi compost

Pawdewadi an adopted village last three year of KVK, Nanded. 10 km away from Nanded. Most of farm women & Farmers are marginal / landless having farm labors. Their earning Rs. 3000/- per month. They don’t have any knowledge / not willing from daily wages.

In this situations Home Science department KVK Nanded from SHG farmer and farmwomen empowerment. Farming group KVK initiate the farmer, Farm women & farm labors to do something to increase their earning and having better life motivate group by conducting training program on vermi compost preparation for development of entrepreneur aware and then use of vermi compost in their field. They can do minimum investment. Result of this the farmer utilizing the vermin compost in their field and also selling vermi compost Rs. 5000/- per month getting additional income of Rs. 3000/-. So this collective activity becomes example for other SHG.

  Vermi Compost Vermi Compost  

2. IPM Village Approach in Laglud

                   The farming community of Laglud, an adopted village by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Pokharni, Nanded is now well practicing integrated pest management practices for all agricultural crops. Before the adoption of village by KVK, there was poor picture regarding plant protection awareness. Some farmers were not following plant protection measures whereas few were using hazardous chemical pesticides indiscriminately. This situation was resulted into ecological disturbances, heavy incidence of pests and diseases and ultimately huge economic losses of the farmers. Resurgence and outbreak of pests and diseases was serious menace to agricultural production. Excessive use of pesticides to control the epidemics of pests and diseases gives residual toxicity in the consumables. Another obstruction was lack of proper knowledge of farmers, unavailability of expert technical personnel and on farm advisory services. Considering the situation, the surveys were taken and needs were assessed to improve the plant protection situation. The farmers were really in need of plant protection guidance. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technology was initiated in the adopted village Laglud by the KVK with due considerations to ecological factors. Extension activities including need based training programmes, problem oriented demonstrations, on farm testing to assess the existing technologies for better suitability and better adaptability by the cultivators, group discussions to learn the farmer’s problems, field days for publicity of technologies, diagnostic visits to solve the problems, farmers melawas to encourage the farmers to understand the technologies of IPM practices in the adopted village. The resultant output is quite note worthy and with encouraging feed-back.

Frontline demonstrations on IPM conducted in the adopted village:-

  •  Integrated management of sucking pests in BT Cotton.
  •  Integrated management of pod borer in pigeon pea.
  •  Management of Girdle beetle and defoliator pest in Soybean.
  •  Integrated management of wilting and pod borer in Gram.
  • Impact:-

    With these efforts the concept of IPM has been popularized in field crops in Laglud village and the growers are now fully confident about the non-chemical methods of pest management. The adoption of trap crops and pheromone traps is about 65 % and the adoption of bio-agents and botanicals is about 70%. The cost of plant protection has been reduced upto 50% with effective pest management. Some farmers in this village are now thanking about organic farming. The technology is now horizontally spreading to the neighboring villages.

    3. Adoption of New Variety of Chickpea (Digvijay)

                      Background information:-Myself Shri. Namdev Tukaram Bhosale, residence of the village Kharbi Tal. Bhokar. Dist. Nanded. This village is located on the Barad Bhokar road way. This village is under the periphery of the KVK of the KVK i.e. 35km away from the KVK Centre, so most of the farmers are attached with KVK for latest technology, for different crops grown in a district.

    The total population of the Kharbi village is 1500 and most of the families totally depend upon the Agriculture and cropping pattern are Sugarcane, Cotton, Soybean - Bengal Gram, Soybean- Red Gram also. In Horticulture Banana, as main cash crop Turmeric and vegetables like Brinjal, Chilli, Tomato, Onion, mainly grown and the major source of irrigation water is canal and well. So as per this situation of the village KVK scientist were selected some farmers for FLD demonstration on chickpea crop and also provided critical input and technical details to the farmers because since last five years observed never obtaining higher yield from chick pea crops. So in this village total 10 demonstration area 4 ha was given to the farmer. In this demonstration variety of Digvijay seed and another with Bio-fertilizer Trichoderma with full package at each farmer under demonstration.

    The selected farmer Namdev Tukaram Bhosale as 45 years old had total land 4 ha. But out of total land under banana production remaining are Soybean- chickpea as The selected farmer Namdev Tukaram Bhosale as 45 years old had total land 4 ha. But out of total land under banana production remaining are Soybean- chickpea as per cropping pattern grown. By the farmer and he had taken normal yield up to 12-13 qt/ha from chickpea under irrigation situation. But at the time of village survey identified that there is a gaps in adoption and the effect of its day by day reduction yield due to the use of local variety, no use of seed treatment application of imbalanced fertilizers also no use of micro nutrient to the crop. No use of spraying in given time due to loss of given time. Due to loss of more yield also farmer are not aware about the importance soil testing in production. So KVK Agronomy scientist decided to conduct demonstration as improved varietal trial with full package dose for chick pea on selective 10 farmers plot on the basis of soil test report and observed the difference between farmers practice and recommended practice to increase the production.

    Effect of the technology:-

    Keeping in view the KVK scientists planned the 10 demonstration on the basis of improved variety of Digvijay are recommended on 0.40 ha and compares with farmers practice by the use of local variety of Annagiri.

    Supply to the chick pea grower and demonstration and observe the result and compared with farmers practice. The result of this variety found tremendous change in yield level i.e. upto 20.28 qt/ha under irrigation situation.

    Performance of demonstration:-

    Crop Technology Demonstrated Demo yield qt./ha. Yield of local check qt./ha.

    Increase in yield (%)

    Data Parameter

    Result of data parameter




    Used improved variety of Digvijay





    No.of Branches





      Economy Impact:-    

    Av. cost of cultivation

    Av. Gross return

    Av. Yield return

    B:C ratio


















    As per the above table revealed that yield level was increase by 50% over farmer’s cultivation practice. It is the impact of the variety Digvijay. To effect the increase the harvesting yield and improved the net profit of these farmer.

    In this way chickpea grower get gross return upto Rs. 64896/- in 1 ha area and the B:C ratio calculated 1:3.01 that show the higher yield with better net return over traditional farm practice for chickpea.

    Acceptance of the technology in terms of view of the farmers. In acceptance of the recommended improved variety of Digvijay grower told now that he now to totally change and also turned towards the professional in farming. The grower also understands about the importance of the improved variety as well as soil testing, seed treatment and balance fertilizer application to the crop management. In this way farmers get the higher net return from per unit area. The direct effect of the net return on grower himself motivated the other farmer for use of improved variety of Digvijay and increases the net return.

      Chickpea Chickpea  

    4. Grow more healthy banana by using skirting bags


               Kharbi village which is located on nanded-Bhokar road/highway is well connected by roads to district market kharbi village Tal. Bhokar is famous all over the district for its banana area and production. Banana is a main fruit crop in the village followed by turmeric sugarcane and vegetables. Banana growers of the village were much more interested in increasing not only banana production but also more bunch weight, but yet they not found any achieve this goal

    When krishi vigyan Kendra, pokharni adopted kharbi village, farmers wave know about current happenings in agriculture. Dr. Deshmukh D. A. subject matter specialist (Horticulture) on the occasion of kissan mela, suggested farmers about the use of chemical free skirting’s bags to cover the bunch for quality and quantity production of banana. Through various extension activities kisan mela, ghostis, leaflet folder, radio talk, training, slide show banana growers of the village were made fully educated regarding use of skirting bags in banana and that trial had been conducted as a on farm trial in kharbi village tal. Bhokar initially 10 farmers obviously banana growers were selected for on farm trial during 2013-14, 2014-15. Immediately after the emergence of bunch, male inflorescence (kamal) had been removed and skirting bag ie. Blue color hangs over the entire bunch covering the stalk. Before this farmers were hanging dry leaves and grass thatch over the entire stalk, but no covering over the bunch. But with introduction of this skirting bags particularly in banana growing belt’s farmers were highly satisfied and influenced by the bags, which not only gives attractive bunch weight with color, but also there is no attack of sucking pest i.e. Aphid, Jassid, thirps bunch as well as stalk is entirely were from sunburn injuries. Thus introduction of this new covering material for banana bunch is not only free found effective but also gives more yield to banana growers. Thus farmers were expressing their thanks and feedback to kvk, pokharni, nanded for this innovative and eco-friendly production technology.

      Skriting bag Skirting bag  
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